Traffic engineering

  • Validation of traffic data
  • Calculation and publication of accessibility indicators
  • Estimation of (dynamic) OD matrices
  • Development of incident detection algorithms
  • Single and Multiuserclass traffic assignment models
  • Traveltime prediction
  • Processing of Floating Car Data
  • Visualisation, analysis and publication of traffic data
  • Discrete choice modelling

Coastal protection

  • Validation of waterlevel measurements
  • Modelling of waterlevel in rivers
  • Validation and processing of coastal morphology data
  • Validation of wave data
  • Publication of yearly wave measurement reports and storm reports for the IJsselmeer and Waddenzee
  • Prediction of stormsurges with neural networks
  • Provide access to the DONAR and LOL (National Database for depth soundings) databases
  • Composing of Bathymetric charts