Modelit does not only make desktop applications but also web applications. For this purpose Modelit has developed the Webserver toolbox. This toolbox makes it possible to build the back-end in Matlab, so the power of Matlab can be used to build mathematical models. While the front-end can be built with libraries or frameworks such as AngularReact or Dojo. Examples of webapplications that are developed by Modelit are:

  • Tripcast, route planner with actual and predicted traveltimes
  • Trajectbeheer, monitoring of traffic on primary and secondary roads
  • Hotspots, measuring the effect of speed enforcement
  • Accessibility map for the Netherlands

The front-end for these web applications is made with Angular4. And the back-end is implemented in Matlab. All the web applications are deployed as Docker containers on one of Modelit's own servers.