The Modelit User Interface Components Toolbox for Matlab extends the number of available components for GUI building by using java.
This is achieved by defining a new object, the jacontrol, which is similar to the Matlab uicontrol and acts as an interface between Matlab and Java, effectively hiding the Java implementation from the user.
As a result Matlab users can use these new components without needing Java experience. 
The Modelit User Interface Components Toolbox for Matlab extends the default set of Matlab components with components such as sortable, editable and filterable tables, treetables, comboboxes, texteditors, spinners.
Apart from these user interface components the toolbox also contains layout components such as scrollpanes, splitpanes, tabpanes and panels with a built-in layout manager


We have compiled a Matlab executable from an m-file that demonstrates some of the capabilities of the Modelit User Interface Components Toolbox for Matlab.

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Demo screenshots (Generated from a live demo using the Modelit Webserver Toolbox)

Tab 1 (TextEditor) Tab 2 (Table) Tab 3 (TreeTable) Tab 4 (MapViewer) Tab 5 (Panels) Tab 6 (ScrollPane) Tab 7 (Components)

Code samples

Code sample can be found here: Code-samples.


The functionality of the User Interface Components Toolbox is accessed through the jacontrol command. This command is designed to operate similar to Matlab's uicontrol command.

Calling convention : [handle]=jacontrol('Style',Value, property, value, property, value,....)

The behavior is controlled by varying the specified style-value. The image below results when calling "jacontrol" with no arguments and display the interactive help. In practice, the interactive help will be your main source of information when working with jacontrols.

User Guide

Modelit User Interface Components Toolbox for Matlab (*)
(*) Our user guide is somewhat outdated, since we have recentlty overhauled our toolbox

API documentation

The generated documention for the JavaComponent toolbox can be found here.