Downloading and installing the Matlab Component Runtime (MCR) Library

Remarks on using the MCR installer:

  • If Matlab 2012a has been installed the MCR installer is also available locally. Its location can be determined by typing 'mcrinstaller' in the Matlab Command Window.
  • The MCR installer is needed only the first time a Modelit product built under R2012a is installed
  • The MCR download size is approximately 334M
  • To install the Matlab MCR R2012a: download the library installer (*) and run it from the command line. Follow the instructions from the install program.
  • Restart your computer
  • To verify the installation follow these steps: verify MCR library installation

(*) this link requires a password, contact Nanne van der Zijpp to obtain password.

Figure: Matlab Component Runtime Library installer R2012a