Modelit Embedded Server Toolbox documentation

Alfabetic Class Reference

Class Description
modelit.web.client.HttpRequest Create an HttpRequest.
modelit.web.client.HttpResponse An HttpResponse object contains the data returned from the server. After a HttpRequest was sent it also contains the response headers and statuscodes.
modelit.web.concurrent.Callable Abstract class for encapsulating a java object which implements the Callable interface.
modelit.web.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor Construct a pool with tasks to be executed by one or more threads. Tasks are taken from the pool depending on the number of threads. And are asynchronously executed. The tasks that can be added to the pool must be of type modelit.web.concurrent.Callable
modelit.web.server.HttpExchange Create a Matlab wrapper for the java object. This object is used when a webservice is called to retrieve request info, such as the data and headers and to prepare the message to be returned. The data sent by the client are stored as redundant data in this constructor.
modelit.web.server.Server Create a HTTP server, that listens to a specific port and processes requests through the specified callback.
modelit.web.server.ServerInvokedEvent Event fired when a request is made to the Server.

Alfabetic Function Reference

Function Description
AuthenticationCallback Callback called by modelit.webserver.Server object for generating a simple html response. Authentication is required for this service.
cell2str Convert cell array to a string.
compressutil In memory compression utility.
createDockerfile Generate and write a Dockerfile.
deletefile Delete file using java method.
demo_MEWT Server with examples of callbacks. The server listens to port in the range 8082 and creates a number of callbacks
deserialize Convert a serialized Matlab variable to its original form.
deserialize_v2 Deserialize Matlab variable, without writing to disk.
dprintf Shortcut for disp(sprintf(formatstr,arg1,arg2,...))
fig2base64 Convert figure to base64, to be used in HTML <img> element.
fig2html Convert figure to html which can be displayed in a webbrowser or in a jacontrol of type jeditorpane
fig2image Convert Matlab figure to java image.
FigureCallback Callback called by a MatlabServer object for generating a Matlab figure as response
generateSelfSignedCertificate Generate a selfsigned certificate to use https with the modelit.web.server.Server. This function generates the following files: cacerts.jks, server.cer and keystore.jks and saves them in the specified directory.
getMatlabVersion Retrieve Matlab version as numeric constant.
getproperty Return matching char string from cell array of keywords
headers2Map Convert Http headers Java hashMap to a Matlab Map.
hex2byte Convert hexadecimal string to byte.
HTMLCallback Callback called by modelit.webserver.Server object for generating a HTML response.
image2html Convert a bufferedimage to html code.
ImageCallback Callback called by a MatlabServer object for generating an image of a Matlab figure as response
InfoCallback Callback called by modelit.webserver.Server object for generating a simple HTML response.
is_eq Verify if argument pairs are equal.
JSONCallback Callback called by modelit.webserver.Server object for generating a JSON response.
namevalue2varargin Convert array of name value pairs to varargin cell array
PDFCallback Callback called by a MatlabServer object for generating a pdf document as response
readBytesFromFile Read content of file as byte array
real2str Print real data in columns.
remoteCallback Side execution of Matlab function. Counterpart of modelit.web.client.HttpRequest.feval
remoteFunction generate remote function
serialize Serialize a Matlab variable.
serialize_v2 Serialize Matlab variable, without writing to disk.
simpleMailbox Retrieve and send messages for use "username"
startSimpleMailbox Commands required to start matlab evaluation server
toStr Convert object to string representation.
urldecode_utf Exact copy of \toolbox\matlab\codetools\urldecode.m For some reason using urldecode conflicts with compiler. Using urldecode_utf is a workaround. For completeness was copied to urlencode to urlencode_utf
urlencode_utf Exact copy of \toolbox\matlab\codetools\urlencode.m.
userguide For the latest version of the userguide, please refer to:
varargin2struct Convert parameter-value combinations to structure
writestr Write str to an ASCII file.
XMLCallback Callback called by modelit.webserver.Server object for generating an XML response.

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