Alfabetic Class Reference

Class Description
modelit.layout.AbstractPainter An abstract painter. To be used as a decorator for modelit.layout.Frame
modelit.layout.Background A background for a modelit.layout.Frame
modelit.layout.Divider A vertical or horizontal frame divider. The user can drag the divider to resize frames.
modelit.layout.LineBorder Border with a line for a modelit.layout.Frame
modelit.layout.Node A node in a tree data structure. A node may have at most one parent and zero or more children. A node with no parent is the root of its tree; a node with no children is a leaf.
modelit.layout.Title A title for a modelit.layout.Frame

Alfabetic Function Reference

Function Description
gch Find uicontrol handles with specified tags
LayoutManagerFiles Create a list of files to be included in LayoutManager
LayoutManagerToolboxFunctions LayoutManagerToolboxFunctions -
lm_align Align control in parent.
lm_arrange Arrange uicontrol objects in rows and columns
lm_childframes Frames directly below a given frame.
lm_collapsibleframe Decorates a frame with an arrow button to expand/collapse the frame
lm_createframe Maak een lm_resize frame aan
lm_deleteframe Delete frame and all dependent items.
lm_deleteframecontent Delete contents of frame, but leave frame in place.
lm_distribute Distribute buttons of equal size
lm_divider Make a draggable frame divider.
lm_doubleframe Create a frame that can be minimized.
lm_dutchDefaults Define default properties for frame editor
lm_enableonoff Toggle enabled status of frame
lm_exitbutton Add exit button to frame. By default this button is placed in the upper right corner of a frame.
lm_exittext Set exit text in frame
lm_framelist Create scrollable container for frames
lm_frameonoff Toggle visible status of frame.
lm_get Helper for migration to new layout manager
lm_initaxes Initialize pixel axes for this window. The pixel axes is used by the Modelit Layout manager to position handle graphics objects that normally do not appear outside an axes, like line, text and patch objects.
lm_innerpixelsize Change pixelsize property of frame
lm_insertseparator Insert separator in toolbar
lm_isparent Find out if a given uicontrol is a child of any of a list of candidate parent frames.
lm_lineprops Default line options for frame border (line)
lm_link2toolbar Link buttons to a toolbar
lm_linkaxis2frame Link axis to frame, and adjust insets on resize
lm_linkobj Add a component to a modelit.layout.Frame
lm_linkslider2frame Position of frame content dependent on a vertical slider
lm_listframeHandles Retrieve frame handles and frame data for the specified figure in specific order
lm_logo Shortcut to create a frame that contains company logo
lm_parentframe Find out to which frame the object with handle h is linked
lm_patchprops Default line options for frame background (patch)
lm_pixelsize Get pixelsize of frame
lm_plusplus Imitate C syntax r++ (return and increment)
lm_resize Resize the figure and position all the objects it contains
lm_set Change property of individual object after properties for a group have been set lm_link_obj.
lm_setvisible Set window visibility to 'on' and check if resize is necessary.
lm_shiftrank Change the rank of a frame. The function uses uses userdata stored in object from which function was called.
lm_shrink Shrink window to size of specified frame
lm_sortframes Create a sorted list of frames which are create with lm_createframe, the frames are sorted based on level in hierarchy, parent and rank
lm_struct2frame Display structure in frame
lm_title Set or get the title of a modelit.layout.Frame