Jacontrol table solution

In practice datasets often contain tabular data. Ever since 2006 Modelit has been working on a GUI object that displays tabular data (working title: jacontrol table) and helps users to quickly navigate and inspect this type of data, using functions like multicriteria sorting and filtering. 

Although usually tables are used to display numeric, logical or text data with default formatting rules, specific formatting for each column can be specified in a jacontrol table. This is useful for displaying dates, icons or colorcoded bars in table cells. 

The component also allows users to scroll to a specific column, select visible columns, apply smart column resize, export data, and store or recall filter settings. These functions are activated through a drop down menu. Custom options can be added to this menu at will.

A lot of scrutiny has gone into the optimizing performance of the jacontrol table. For example the jacontrol table object maintains acceptable rendering speed even when displaying tables up to 100.000 rows high.

Also it has been designed for easy integration in applications. This means that besides its interactive capabilities, each aspect of the jacontrol table view can be controlled programmatically. The table has some subtle but important properties that are required for an intuitive user experience. For example, when table data are updated programmatically one would generally not want to change the set of selected rows or even the set of rows in view, and the jacontrol table object makes sure this does not happen.

The jacontrol table is part of the UIC-toolbox, and probably the most powerful component in it.


As of  release 2008a Matlab contains a component called "uitable". Does this make the Modelit jacontrol table object obsolete? In our opinion: "no". At the time the uitable component had a number of limitations. Although over the years some improvements have appeared, demanding users to date still will need to invest extensively in work arounds to get the result they want.


Please view our screencast that compares jacontrol table and uitable.