Matlab Layout Manager

Ever since 2000 Modelit is using a Matlab layout manager that has been developed in house. This tool has been of a great help in implementing our GUI's. However the toolbox has been designed with the Matlab language features that were available back in 2000. These did not include (for example) object orientation and the Matlab handle objects.

Re-engineering project

Early 2015 we have decided to re-engineer the layout manager toolbox with the Matlab language features currently available. These include object orientation, subclassing and the usage of the Matlab handle and hgsetget classes.


The toolbox now relies less on conventions and more on explicit functions and methods. For users, the editor-autocompletion makes it easy to explore the methods that are available.

From a maintenance viewpoint, benefits are that the code has been simplified and chopped-up in smaller modules. This should make it easier to maintain and expand the toolbox. Complying with object oriented coding standards allows us to generate large parts of the HTML documentation from comments in the code itself. This helps in keeping code-base and documentation consistent.

Is our toolbox suitable for you?

This depends. Although the toolbox includes examples to get started, it will take a few days time to get familiar with the concepts and specifics of our toolbox. If all GUI's you create are very simple and can be created with GUIDE you probably do not need a layout manager. If you feel that you need such a thing as a layout manager, you probably already will have implemented some sort of process that automates the alignment of GUI elements for you. So you are faced with the choice between spending time improving this automation process or porting the current GUI's.

We are convinced that switching to our toolbox will pay-out in a very short time because of the features the toolbox offers, the fact that is has been well tested and that it will enable you and your team to create uniform-looking and, reusable software.

Consultancy services

For help in converting an existing application to one of our frameworks do not hesitate to contact us.