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Matlab and XML

XML provides a software- and hardware-independent way of structuring, storing and sharing data, and is often used to exchange data between applications. Matlab offers some routines for processing XML documents but using these functions requires knowledge of Java and the Document Object Model (DOM).

Modelit XML toolbox for Matlab

The Modelit XML toolbox aims to make XML functionality available to XML newcomers without requiring knowledge of Java or DOM. The Modelit XML toolbox offers easy access to many XML features by exploiting the analogy between Matlab structures and XML trees. Experienced programmers can still exploit the versatility of the Document Object Model, as the toolbox supports features like XPath as well.

The Modelit XML toolbox provides intuitive access to XML data and offers the beginning user with the following features:

  • Import and export data to XML format
  • Accessing XML data from the command prompt and Matlab m-files
  • Visualizing the XML tree structure

For the more experienced users, some advanced features are supported:

  • Handling namespaces and attributes
  • Complete XPath syntax to extract information from XML documents
  • Transform XML documents to HTML


Overview of XML Toolbox


Modelit has used the XML toolbox in many projects that require XML data exchange. An example is the traveltime forecast website Tripcast. The site features a front-end written in Javascript that communicates with a compiled Matlab process using XML.

Compatibility with Matlab versions

The Modelit XML toolbox works with any Matlab version above version 7.01. The Matlab XML toolbox is compatible with the Matlab Compiler.

Downloading the Modelit XML Toolbox FOR MATLAB

Free download: Unsupported / p-code version

For trial purposes you may use a fully functional version of the toolbox from the links below. Although your feedback is appreciated we cannot guarantee support on this version.

P-code version for Matlab 2006b (last revision: 20110801)

P-code version for Matlab 2012a - onwards (last revision: 20201013)

Supported / m-code version

If you intend to use the XML toolbox in commercial applications we recommend a full license which comes with one year of support, and source code. More info about ordering can be found here or contact Nanne van der Zijpp at Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

User guide

The User Guide of the Modelit XML toolbox for Matlab is available  [here] (last revision: 20141021)