A free version of the Embedded Webserver Toolbox can be downloaded from this link: 

Download zip file

This version is fully functional but does not reveal the  source code, except for the "examples" folder.  All other files come with complete help.

When publishing work involving the software, please cite as follows:

Hoogland, K.J. and Zijpp, N.J. van der (2023), Modelit Embedded Webserver Toolbox for Matlab (Version yyyymmdd) [Software]. Available from www.modelit.nl

(with yyyymmdd the creation date of the version you have been using)

The difference between the free and the commercial license is that the commercial license contains no p-code. This allows you to inspect every last detail of the code, do small tweaks, and prevents you from running into problems when using the Matlab compiler.  When you purchase a commercial version, we will also be able to support you if and when needed.