DelftOD is a package for inspection, validation and analysis of motorway data.

It offers the following functions:

- Inspection of motorway loop-detector data through various graphs, network plots and tables
- Validation of loop-detector data through conservation of flow checks
- Travel time estimation
- Estimation of Dynamic Origin Destination Matrices

The Tutorial gives an impression of the functions and visualizations in the application.

DelftOD is the fruit of the PhD research carried out by Nanne van der Zijpp at the Technical University of Delft. Although the software is no longer maintained Nanne van der Zijpp at Modelit can still be contacted with questions about the topic.


Van der Zijpp (1996) Dynamic Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation on Motorway Networks, PhD Thesis, Delft University of Technology. download thesis

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Van der Zijpp (1997) Dynamic OD-Matrix Estimation from Traffic Counts
and Automated Vehicle Identification Data
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