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Gui's en Guide

Matlab comes with a Wysiwig editor for designing user interfaces (GUIDE). However, using GUIDE for building complex or on-line configurable interfaces is not recommended.

Complex GUI's: Layout manager

The Modelit Layout Manager for Matlab takes care of positioning and  aligning objects in so called "frames" A gui is made up of an arbitrary set of frames that are hierarchically organized. Once defined, frames may be exchanged between applications.

Layout manager and panels

The Modelit Layout manager predates the "panel" feature in Matlab, but shares some the ideas that underly Matlab panels. Also after the introduction of Matlab panels the Modelit Layout manager is still a very useful tool. It can be used in two ways:

  • To position Matlab panels using a mix of normalized and pixel coordinates. In this case uicontrols are linked to panels using the "normal' Matlab syntax;
  • To position all uicontrol objects. In this case a number of extra features are available, see below.

Layout manager features

  • Link Matlab Handle Graphic objects to a frame
  • Absolute, normalized or mixed position definition
  • Aligning Handle Graphic objects in a grid
  • Automatic setting of minimal frame size
  • Nesting frames
  • Tabs and sliders
  • Interactive resizing of frames using "split panes"
  • Properties "visible" and "enabled" supported at frame level
  • Automatic resizing of GUI's
  • Adjustment  of GUI to different window size
  • Inspection tool for properties and easy acces to matlab code (see figure)

User Guide

For details see Modelit Layout Manager for Matlab,  User guide (PDF)


The HTML documentation of the toolbox is generated from the source code.