Also 2010 has been a busy year for Modelit:

  • The number of dedicated applications that we provide maintenance for has grown to 8;
  • We provide day to day maintenance for our travel time prediction website, and make the tripcast webservice available to an increasing number of third parties;
  • The Tripcast algorithm has been expanded with a number of features, such as dynamic routing, faster response times, reminder service, freight module, integration with outlook and blackberry. We are preparing for the next edition of the travel time prediction contest, to be held in 2011;
  • We developed an estimator for Origin-Destination matrices, to be applied in Spain;
  • We have provided monthly reports on congestion, flow and vehicle loss hours for the Dutch Highway authorities;
  • We have provided validation and monthly reports on  Dutch National Wave measurements and incidental reports for periods where storm conditions apply;
  • For a large AEX listed company, we have completed the implementation of a system for sharing and analysing large quantities of data on research-experiments and processes in chemical plants;
  • We have improved documentation and functionality of our Matlab toolboxes. These toolboxes continue to find their way to specialized users around the world.

To be continued .