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The Model-View-Control (MVC) toolbox for Matlab is a software suite that helps developers build applications with intuitive and powerful user-interfaces. The two main advantages of the framework are:

  • Using the framework cuts costs for development and maintenance;
  • Applications built with the framework have a number of user friendly features that come at no cost.

Efficiency gains in application development and maintenance

The Application Framework separates data storage and visualization. Proper use of the framework
will lead to efficiency gains that grow exponentially with the complexity of the application. The following factors contribute to these gains:

  • Less technical design decisions;
  • Less code and less complexity leading to time savings at implementation;
  • Flexibility to expand the interface;
  • Create reusable software components;
  • Reduce risks for error and facilitate testing;
  • Designing and building applications in a uniform manner facilitates working together on one project and transferring maintenance from one person to another.

Features implemented by the framework

All applications based on the framework automatically benefit from the following features:

  • Undo en redo;
  • Load and save mechanism for databases;
  • Automated update mechanism for the user interface after the data are changed;
  • Timed backups;
  • Crash recovery;
  • Automatic restore interface settings when interface is closed and re-opened

User guide

View user guide: Model-View-Control Toolbox for Matlab