Modelit has developed toolboxes for various purposes. Examples are:

  • Application Framework Toolbox for Matlab
  • Layout Manager for Matlab
  • User Interface Component Toolbox for Matlab
  • XML Toolbox for Matlab
  • Webserver Toolbox

Each of these toolboxes bundles several years of experience. The challenge for Modelit is to provide, beside the software, also useful step-by-step manuals. These manuals have been produced in 2008 and 2009 and have been made available on the Modelit website.

In 2009 Modelit has found launching customers for all toolboxes listed above.

Through the years 2010 and beyond, these toolboxes continue to play a vital role in all software we develop. Annually about 10% of the code of these toolboxes gets rewritten to reflect new insights or requirements. In 2011 we have created a corner on the website where these toolboxes can be purchased on line.

Also in 2011 we have undertaken an internal project named "the panel project". This project involves developing a framework that seamlessly works together with both the Application FrameWork for Matlab and the Layout Manager and allows developers to create software components that are truly reusable. All our new and an increasing part of the older code under maintenance software is developed or reengineered using the panel framework.