About Modelit compiled Matlab applications

A Modelit Matlab application requires the Matlab Runtime Library and the files specific for the application (the M-file bundle). In general, the m-file bundle changes more frequently than the Matlab Runtime Library.

For each application Modelit supplies a separate installer that is sent directlty to the client for first-time use.

Once the aplication is installed, new versions of the installer can be obtained from the help-center of the application. 

Installing the m-file bundle (first install)

Download the installer to your local computer. If this is the first time you run software that needs the Matlab Runtime library, start with Installing the Matlab Runtime Library . Once the Runtime library is installed, you are ready to install and run the M-file bundle.

Installing the m-file bundle (new release)

When a new release of the m-file bundle is available, users receive  an email notification. The new release can than be downloaded via the helpcenter when running the current version of the application. After that the application should be closed, and a new version of the application can be installed with the installer that was obtained.