FermView is an online tool for monitoring batch processes in factories.

FermView is a tool used by operators to monitor batch process in factories. Fermview consists of two parts:

A data acquisition module

This module is configurable and can be adapted to process the data stream from any process computer. In this step the data can be processed to filter outliers or manipulated the data in an other way. Data generated by this module are fed in realtime to the FermView frontend.

A frontend

The frontend offers a configurable slide show of the graphs of key parameters. The parameters are shown in one or two axes to facilitate comparison. 
Timeseries can be explored with the mouse pointer and are zoomable and the operator can choose to hide or show timeseries and choose to show the raw or processed data.
The labels and descriptions of the variables can be configured to be shown in different languages.
To monitor the process 'Normal Operation Batches' generated by the FermBase can be imported. These NOB's indicated the recommend bandwidths of variables for an optimal process.