Most of our application development is done in Matlab. Over the years we have developed several toolboxes that allow using Matlab as a fully fledged  programming language while preserving the typical advantages of Matlab. Examples of such toolboxes are:

  • Embedded Webserver Toolbox for Matlab;Deploy Matlab functions as a webservice 
  • Modelit Mapviewer; a component for mixed display of Matlab handle graphics and tiled maps or aereal photos  (WMTS) in Matlab GUIs
  • User Interface Toolbox for Matlab; integrate Java components in Matlab applications
  • Layout Manager Toolbox for Matlab; a layout manager for complex GUI's
  • Model View Control toolbox for Matlab; the framework for all our applications
  • XML toolbox for Matlab;
  • Network modelling toolbox; building blocks for all applications for traffic-engineers
  • Docutool; automatic generation of HTML sourcecode documentation

Most of our toolboxes rely in part on Java code, the language also used for many native Matlab components. In all cases these java components are encapsulated in Matlab objects so the users need not be aware of them.