In addition to desktop applications Modelit also creates and hosts web applications and inspection tools. Examples are:

The front-end of these web applications is coded in frameworks such as Angular4React or Dojo and communicates with the back-end through JSON messages. The coding for the back-end is done in Matlab.

Matlab is often perceived as a prototyping tool because math computations and powerful graphics can be launched with intuitive commands written on the command line or collected in simple scripts. However, Matlab is also a fully fledged and powerful programming language.

For deploying Matlab programs as a webservice, Modelit has developed the MWT (Modelit Webserver Toolbox, 2008) and more recent the MEWT (Modelit Embedded Webserver Toolbox, 2020). Using either of these toolboxes results in a compiled Matlab program that can be deployed (and scaled) at no extra cost. For additional ease of deployment, programs created with MEWT can be packed as microservice Docker images that provide an HTTP/HTTPS endpoint, without the need for the Matlab Compiler SDK.

MWT and/or MEWT allow a developer to complete the full cycle of experimenting, coding, debugging, testing and deployment from within the Matlab ecosystem.