Docutool is a Matlab toolbox to automatically generate documentation from Matlab source code.
The toolbox was developed by Modelit to facilitate the automatic generation of documentation of the source code for internal and external use.

It analyses all the files and their dependencies in a Matlab project and extracts all relevant comments in the source code.
The Modelit XML toolbox is used to store these data  in an XML document. 
This XML document is then used to generate HTML documentation by using a stylesheet.

The HTML documentation consists of a list of all functions and classes in the Matlab project.
With for every function at least:

  • The function description
  • The function call
  • The input
  • The output
  • A list of subfunctions

For every subfunction the documentation contains at least

  • The function description
  • The function call

And for every class in the project:

  • The class description
  • The properties
  • The methods


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