DelftOD is a package for inspection, validation and analysis of motorway data.

It offers the following functions:

- Inspection of motorway loop-detector data through various graphs, network plots and tables
- Validation of loop-detector data through conservation of flow checks
- Travel time estimation
- Estimation of Dynamic Origin Destination Matrices

Download demo software:

DelftOD installer

Release notes



Van der Zijpp (1996) Dynamic Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation on Motorway Networks, PhD Thesis, Delft University of Technology. download thesis

Van der Zijpp (1994) An Improved Kalman Filtering Approach to Estimate Origin-Destination Matrices for Freeway Corridors, Transportation Research Record 1443. download abstract

Van der Zijpp (1997) Dynamic OD-Matrix Estimation from Traffic Counts
and Automated Vehicle Identification Data
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