The Modelit Embedded HTTP server for Matlab toolbox makes it possible to:

  • Use algorithms written in Matlab as microservices 
  • Debug your live microservices from within Matlab and compile your microservices by only using the Matlab Compiler
  • Deploy your microservices as Docker containers on your own server or in the cloud
  • Automatically scale your Matlab algorithms with Kubernetes or Docker Swarm
  • Turn Matlab into a webserver and serve your single or multi-page webapplications directly from Matlab
  • Integrate Matlab with a React or Angular front-end and run it locally as a desktop app or or over the internet as a web app

The api of the Embedded HTTP server can be viewed here. This documentation is automatically generated from the source code by using the Docutool toolbox.
Or you can have a look at the documented procedures for deploying single- and multi container web-oriented applications using Docker and Docker compose.

Modelit has used this toolbox to create a web app for the traffic speed enforcement. With this web app the impact of speed control on the number of accidents can be analysed. See: Speed enforcement Web app. The backend is created with the toolbox and the backend consists of several compiled Matlab functions that run in a Docker container.

Please contact us for further information, demo or trial version of the toolbox.

Free trial

A fully functional trial version can be downloaded from this link:

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Obtaining a commercial license

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For any questions contact Modelit.